5/30/17 - "Crack the Coffin" is OUT NOW!

5/20/17 - After 8 long years... "Crack the Coffin" is finally on it's way. Get your first taste HERE!

5/15/17 - "Trials And Exhumations" t-shirts are AVAILABLE NOW! Get one HERE!

3/2/17 - We have quite a few updates and announcements to share with all you fucks. Firstly, we have two new additions to EXD. We would like to welcome Tony and Joe (our third bassist named Joe! What the fuck!?). Tony, as some of you may know, is of Condition Critical fame, and Joe has been a long-time collaborator with Chris. They are phenomenal musicians, and are bringing a lot to the table!

Secondly, we are pleased to announce that we have scheduled studio time at the end of March to FINALLY record our fourth release "Crack the Coffin". It has been in the works since our last release, "The Red Mass" in 2009. The album will be released late spring/early summer!

And lastly, we'll have some new merch available courtesy of Colossal Customs Printing and Design just in time for Maryland Deathfest XV! Keep your eyes peeled (literally) for various studio & show updates! Until then, fuck off.

7/19/16 - Holy fuck, it's been a while! We have big news to announce! We are CONFIRMED for Maryland Death Fest 2017! We have a lot more updates to announce, but those will be coming very soon! Keep your eyes peeled... Literally!

12/28/13 - Sweden's Robex Lundgren interview with Branden! You can read it HERE!

10/22/12 - Undergrind Zine interview with Branden! You can read it HERE!

10/17/12 - The Pest Webzine recently conducted an interview with our bassist Coffin Joe! You can read that interview HERE!

10/8/12 - We are proud to reveal the album art for our upcoming EP release "Crack the Coffin"! Artwork courtesy of Jeff Zornow, of course! Witness the gruesome scene HERE!

9/14/12 - Another new interview with Branden is now online! To read, click HERE.

9/11/12 - A new interview with Branden has just been posted by The Core of Brutality! Check it out HERE. A huge thanks for conducting the interview!

6/26/12 - We are pleased to announce that we will be working with Vinny and the rest of the Signature Riff Promotions gang for one of our ONLY 2012 shows! With none other than The Mentors! Head over to the shows page for more info!

1/1/12 - Due to our guitarist's career change, we are unable to perform at both the Spring Bash III in Cudahy, Wisconsin and the Goregon Massacre Fest III in Portland, Oregon this year.2012 will not be a good year for EXD regarding shows, but we are in the process of writing our next EP "Crack the Coffin". And we WILL have it out before the end of the year!

11/27/11 - We're proud to announce that EXD is confirmed for the Goregon Massacre Fest III! It will have been 5 years since we've made our way out to Portland! We'll see you, bloody and drunk in 2012! GMF III Facebook Page!

9/27/11 - Mouth for War just recently posted their review for "The Red Mass". Head over to the "media" page to check it out!

9/14/11 - Ex Dementia is now on! You can check us out by clicking HERE! We've also embedded the music player in the "media" section!

7/13/11 - 2012 marks the year EXD ventures to the land of Ed Gein! Ex Dementia is confirmed for The Spring Bash III! Along with Blood Feast, Cianide, Cardiac Arrest and more!

7/9/11 - Metal Underground has just posted their review of "The Red Mass"! A very interesting read! Head over to the media page to read!

7/11/11 - Greetings (insert clever surname for Ex Dementia fans)! A few little announcements. First, we are experiencing a slight line-up change. Our bassist Joe can no longer commit to EXD, due to tackling another profession, and will be forced to move out of state. Fortunately for us, he has been a great contribution to Ex Dementia, and a great friend. We are happy to have had him on at least one album, and a plethora of great shows (and not so great... Nor sober)! Exit Joe, enter... Joe. Coffin Joe that is. No, we're not all using stage-names now. That's just what I've always called him.

Our new bassist, Coffin Joe is a Philly-based death metal NUT! He's an asshole, a great player, and hilarious... A perfect fit for us! We look forward to writing, playing, and recording with Coffin Joe in the future! So give a dead, stiff, and cold (in a box!) welcome!

Ex Dementia is now:

Chris - Guitars/Vocals
Coffin Joe - Bass
Branden - Drums

The next announcement is our next gig! We will be sharing the stage with Rottrevore, Malignancy, and Legionary! This massacre will take place Saturday, September 24th at the Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, NY!

And lastly, our new EP! The new EP is entitled "Crack the Coffin", and is scheduled to come out late-fall/early winter on HPGD Productions! We already have 3 songs written, and hope to write 2 more, and throw in a cover. The songs we have written already are VERY. FUCKING. FAST. So fast, I cant keep up sometimes! But I assure you, come time to record, we'll be tighter than the pants on a Norma Jean fan. Within the next few weeks, more will be releasing song-titles, demos, etc. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

6/14/11 - This is something I think needs to be addressed, so here you go...

Downloading. It's a blessing, and a curse. You download an album because you're curious. Okay. You download an album because you've been dying to hear it, and it leaked on the internet. Okay. You download an album because you were disappointed with the last release of said band. Okay. You download a CD because you just dont want to waste your money. Not okay. Think about it like this, you dont feel like wasting your money on a CD that you already downloaded and liked/loved. That's basically saying to the band that you love, "You guys are great and I love your music... Keep on spending the money to record tunes for me while I continue to refuse to give you a dime! METAL!". That is EXACTLY what is happening. Now Im going to clear a few things up so that I can cover all the bases of downloading. Some good, mostly bad...

First off, the good. So cash is tight for everyone these days. And to be honest, I cant remember a time where it wasn't. Recession or not. And nothing is better than downloading an album, only to find out that it sucks. Wow, $10 saved. It's a good feeling. And I think it's perfectly fine to download something, find out it sucks, and not buy the CD. If you dont like it, then why should you? I mean, you dont support something because you feel obligated to. If you dont like it, dont support it. But what if it is good? And what if you want to hear more music from that band? How do you think bands write and record that music? There's something they call "currency". Cash is what makes it possible to write, record and release the tunes you oh so love! So why not support it financially? Okay, you're struggling to pay rent, car insurance, and live day by day. COMPLETELY understandable. But for a lot of people, music is a release. And if it's good enough (by your standards), you should buy it. Afterall, it might end up making a shitty day better. That translates to... Being worth it.

Now in case you're confused as to how the cycle works. Here you go again:

1. Band X invests $1000 into writing, recording and releasing.
2. 50% of the fans buy the CD and 50% of the "fans" download the CD.
3. Band X makes $500 in CD sales... Band X loses $500 from their pockets.
4. Band X breaks up.
5. 50% of the fans are upset they get no more releases from Band X.
6. 50% of the "fans" wonder why they get no more releases from Band X.

That's pretty simple, right? It should be. Because it is. What ISN'T simple is trying to convince lazy/selfish people that downloading and ONLY downloading pretty much cleans the artists pockets dry, when they're only trying create good music for people. Now whether it's good or not, that's a different story. But what matters here is that people are trying. And whether they suck or not, as long as they strive to make good music, they deserve some credit... As well as some of their money back.

Almost 30 years ago, there was a little system called tape-trading. You've all heard of it. And through tape-trading came some of the best exposure you could ever get. One tape is sent to this state, then from that state to this country, so on and so forth. Before you knew it, your music was where it needed to be. In the ears of a true, full on metal head! And what's sad is that today, given the technology and networking we have available to us, bands should be making the money they deserve. But unfortunately, with technology and networking comes downloading. And downloading (90% of the time) is a blade to the throat of a band.

If I were a betting man, I would bet that 60% of people would rather buy and shirt than a CD, due to them already downloading the CD. Now if you're buying a shirt, that means you must like the band enough to wear their colors, so to speak. But their shirts aren't what they spent 6 months to a year creating. It's their music they want you to buy. It's their music they're proud of. Yes, it's great to have radical shirts. And it's great that people buy shirts to support the band. But why do they buy the shirts?... Because they can't download them. And if they could, they would. And when I refer to "they", Im referring to people who have basically already decided, "Im never buying a CD again, thanks to the internet.". Very sad...

If you have read this far, you know what you should be doing. And no, I dont mean buy every CD from every local or underground band. No! If you think they suck, fuck 'em! But if you enjoy their music, I urge you, PLEASE support them with not only feedback, but financially. If every band can make their money back, great! But if every band can make a profit, it's even better. Because when you make a profit from something so creative as music, you want to invest that money into either more music, shirts, pins, stickers, ANYTHING that can keep your band thriving!

And to speak personally. Having helped form this band, and currently working on our fourth release, we're hoping we can rebound from our last release. It got great reviews, great reception from all our fans, but since downloading is at such a high rate, it really hurt us financially. My sole reason for writing this wasn't because of our sales, but a slew of our other friend's bands. When I heard how bad shape some them were in, THAT'S when I decided to TRY and open people's eyes.

So please, save Rapdishare for the next Morbid Angel.

- Branden, Ex Dementia

5/1/11 - This past Friday's show went great! We'd like to thank everyone involved... Vinny, Legionary, Death Sick, Without End, and Infernal Death! If you didn't go to the show, you missed out on a bloody good time. Also, we are currently sold out of "Thou Shall Repulse"! If you're looking for a copy, Im sure you can find it on eBay, Amazon, really anywhere that sells death metal discs. But we still do have copies of "In The Chapters of Horror" (VERY limited), and "The Red Mass"! And there's also a 2-CD deal available as well!

3/27/11 - The first show of 2011 has just been booked. It's going to take place in Seacaucus, NJ. Head over to the "shows" page for details!

11/9/10 - Ex Dementia is also now on Number One Music! Dont be a dick, check it out! CLICK HERE!

10/29/10 - Ex Dementia is now on Twitter! Surprise. Well, that's what happens when Myspace's activity totally shits out on you! Anyway, to follow us on Twitter CLICK HERE!

9/26/10 - Unfortunately, after a short run in EXD, Matt (our newly added lead guitarist) has decided to leave EXD. We wish him the best of luck (or something) to whatever he does!

9/10/10 - A new Atlantic City show has just been booked. Oddly enough, this our first time play the actual city, considering we only live 15 minutes away! More info on the "shows" page. See you there!

7/27/10 - All of us in Ex Dementia are proud to announce and welcome a new asshole to EXD... Matt Peterson! Matt is a long-time friend, and an even better lover. Who is Matt? And what will be left of him? Well, he's our new lead guitarist. And what will be left of him? Fuck you, don't take it so literal. It's a movie reference, dick. So we would like you to give him a warm welcome the way every Ex Dementia fan has... By getting drunk at our shows and yelling "YOU SUCK!" from the back of the bar.

5/26/10 - If you live in the New York City/Brooklyn area, you might want to get a New Jersey assault on your senses! We're playing at The Party Expo. Head on over to the "shows" page for more info!

3/31/10 - We've created new "Bio" pages for each memember! Check 'em out, well... In the "Bio" page. Duh! More info will be added as it's collected. I sound like a scientist.

3/16/10 - Alright, it's been a little while since we've had an update on what we're up to. And for good reason... There's not too much to report on. Since the release of "The Red Mass" we've been kind of taking a break in terms of writing. As most of you know, in May we will be playing the pre-fest to the biggest metal party of the year. And that is the Maryland Death Fest. So, really all we've been focusing on is comprising a solid set-list, and practice, practice, practice. We're also going to try and get a few dates booked before the pre-fest, so look out for them.

Shortly after the pre-fest, we will be writing for our next EP! Were not sure on the details for the next release, but I assure you the songs will rip! We've been wanting to write for a while now, but as I said, we've just been practicing the set. So come June, we should have some fast, catchy and relentless (demo) tracks to preview! So keep your ears and eyes peeled (literally) for that!

And lastly, we'll be reprinting our "Thou Shall Repulse" and "In The Chapters of Horror" shirts very soon. And hopefully by the fall (possibly Halloween), we'll have "The Red Mass" design ready to print! But we'll see. Well, until May/June... Fuck off!

1/24/10 - Two brand new reviews of "The Red Mass" have just been posted. Thanks to Wormwood Chronicles and Spirit of Metal!

1/8/10 - If you have a Facebook, and are a fan of Ex Dementia... Add us! All of which that will be posted on the Myspace/website, will be posted on the Facebook as well. Click below to add us!

Ex Dementia Facebook

11/15/09 - Two brand new reviews have been posted!

11/8/09 - The very first review for "The Red Mass" is up now! Check it out in the "media" section! More to come soon!

10/30/09 - "The Red Mass" is OUT NOW! Click on the merch page to order! Also, there are a couple CD-deals for those of you who dont own every release or any!

10/20/09 - Two new songs from "The Red Mass" have been posted on our official Myspace! To listen, head over to our official Myspace.

10/19/09 - We are proud to announce that we will be playing the Maryland Death Fest Pre-Party show on May 27th! More info on the "shows" page!

10/7/09 - A release date for "The Red Mass" has been announced. And that date is October 31st! Scream "Halloween!" in all your King Diamond voices, go ahead! Also, "The Red Mass" studio pictures have been posted. Long overdue, I know...

10/3/09 - A not-quite-Halloween show has been booked for October 30th! More info on the "shows" page.

9/16/09 - A brand new interview with Critical Mass is posted.

8/19/09 - Welcome to the new! We are currently taking all PRE-ORDERS for our forthcoming "The Red Mass"! Within the next few days, there will be new downloads (MP3's, desktop backgrounds, and more) available!

8/4/09 - A new cut off of "The Red Mass" has just been posted on our official Myspace! The track is "Mud and Blood"! Enjoy, assholes!

7/27/09 - A handful of new interviews have just been added! Also, on a sidenote, we will have artwork, a new cut off the new album, and PRE-ORDERS all online within the next 2 weeks!

7/18/09 - We just back from the studio no more than a day ago, and we are so fucking ready to release this thing. But unfortunately, there is still a lot of editing to be done. At any rate, we put together a studio video to preview some of the cuts off the new album, and to give everybody a look at how we work. The video link is below:

Ex Dementia live in the studio!

6/18/09 - We have just finished up recording demo tracks before hitting the actual studio (which will be in a couple weeks)! This was recorded in our basement/practice area. And quite frankly, Im amazed as to how well they actually turned out (for demos, at least). But keep in mind, this is a rough version. "Mud and Blood" will be up for only about a week or so, just to give you a taste of the new album. As Ive said previously in recent blog updates, the new material is fucking vicious! Also, we'd love to know your thoughts on the new material! Listen to "Mud and Blood" here:

6/5/09 - Well, today marks the closing of the writing process. We finally finished up ALL the writing for "The Red Mass"! And I must say, we are VERY happy with the how everything has turned out. Im proud to say that our new material is vicious and relentless as fuck. We really cant wait to preview some of the tracks. We will be recording demo tracks either next week, or the week following. And we'll most likely release a demo or two (for a limited time) to give you guys a taste of what the new material is like.

We will be hitting the studio in the beginning of July, to assure a September release. For "The Red Mass" we're not going to have a million push-backs. If it doesn't come out in September, then it will DEFINATELY come out in October. October is a much more fitting month, but if we have everything ready, we're not going to hold it off. We'll be setting a release date sometime in July.

1. Shadow In The Chapel (COMPLETED)
2. Mud and Blood (COMPLETED)
3. Dead! Nude! Dancers! (COMPLETED)
4. The Radiant Ravenous (COMPLETED)
5. Belial The Basket Case (COMPLETED)
6. Splattervision: Channel 2 (COMPLETED)
7. The Red Mass (COMPLETED)
8. Liquid Flesh (COMPLETED)
9. Welcome to Hell (Venom)

4/10/09 - A brand new interview with Grind On Magazine is up now.

4/5/09 - There are a few new updates on the happenings of "The Red Mass". And here they are...

First up, we are going to have a couple of guest vocal appearances from our good friends Ross Sewage (Impaled), and Parasitic Tim (Splatterhouse)! We figure, it'll change up the sound a bit, and Im fairly certain we share some of the same fans as Splatterhouse and Impaled. So it'll be interesting to hear all together.

We have also completed work on the opening track "Shadow In The Chapel". We have been fairly slow in terms of writing because of our string of shows in the past month, but we're actually expected to finish the writing earlier, which is odd (I must have overcalculated).

We're going to try and have the artwork done maybe by the start of the summer, or the middle of the summer. Zornow is a fairly busy guy, so we'll see. But once we do recieve the art, expect to see the Ex Dementia website, Myspace, and message board transformed completely!

Below is the updated track-listing (once again, not the final running order):

1. Shadow In The Chapel (COMPLETED)
2. Mud and Blood (COMPLETED)
3. Dead! Nude! Dancers! (COMPLETED)
4. The Radiant Ravenous
5. Belial The Basket Case
6. Splattervision: Channel 2 (COMPLETED)
7. The Red Mass
8. Liquid Flesh (COMPLETED)
9. Welcome to Hell (Venom)

3/30/09 - Wormwood Chronicles just posted their review of "In The Chapters of Horror". You can check it out by heading over to the media/reviews page!

2/28/09 - We are currently hard at work writing for our second full-length album "The Red Mass"! Every so often we will be posting updates on the progress of the new album! And well, here is the first update!

We have already written 4 brand new originals for the album. And Im telling you, these songs are VICIOUS! We're not trying to do anything "different" or change our sound, we just want to write all killer and no filler! And I feel we managed to do that on "Thou Shall Repulse" and "In The Chapters of Horror", and I assure you "The Red Mass" will be no different! And after getting INCREDIBLE responses from everyone on our cover of S.O.D.'s "Kill Yourself", we decided to throw a cover on "The Red Mass". You can find out what that cover will be below. Also, below is the tracklisting for "The Red Mass" (order is scheduled to change). The completed songs are noted, as well.

1. Shadow In The Chapel
2. Mud and Blood (COMPLETED)
3. Dead! Nude! Dancers! (COMPLETED)
4. The Radiant Ravenous
5. Belial The Basket Case
6. Splattervision: Channel 2 (COMPLETED)
7. The Red Mass
8. Liquid Flesh (COMPLETED)
9. Welcome to Hell (Venom)

And you might be wondering what movies will some of the songs be about? Well, here they are... Shadow In The Chapel is about John Carpenter's The Prince of Darkness, Dead! Nude! Dancers! is about The Gore Gore Girls, The Radiant Ravenous is about Nightmare City, and Belial The Basket Case is about, well... Basket Case.

I can guarantee this album will kick your asses! If you loved our first two releases, you'll hold this higher than both of them, I promise.

This is expected to be released in September of this year on HPGD Productions, with artwork done by none other than... Jeff Zornow!

2/23/09 - Another new show has just been booked. The show will take place on April 10th, in Delaware. Go to the shows page for more info!

2/13/09 - On Thursday, February 19th, at 7 PM, we will be on North Jersey's Real Deal Radio Metal show! Tune in live at! On the broadcast, we'll be talking about the new EP, the new album coming out, shows, bullshit, more bullshit, and much more! So be sure to tune in and experience all of the nonsense! Remember, Thursday, February 19th, 7 PM, at

2/7/09 - We have brand new Ex Dementia stickers available! 5 stickers for only $3.25(US) $4.25(WORLD)! Also, every CD/t-shirt order comes with free stickers!

2/4/09 - All of you iTunes customers, you can download "In The Chapters of Horror" for only $6.93 or buy each individual track for $0.99! Click HERE to download!

1/25/09 - Unbound Webzite just wrote up a review for "In The Chapters of Horror". You can read if you head over to the media page.

1/22/09 - "In The Chapters of Horror" t-shirts are now available for PRE-ORDER! They're available in ALL SIZES! Also, there are VERY few "Thou Shall Repulse" t-shirts left! It's all available on the merch page.

1/12/09 - An interview from Morbid Zine has just been posted on the media page! Also, we have 2 brand new shows booked! We have another two that we're working on right now! Keep your eyes peeled. And I mean that in the truest sense.

1/11/09 - A brand new show has just been booked. You can check that out on the shows page. Also, a couple new reviews have been added. More interviews/reviews to come...

1/3/09 - We now have our "Thou Shall Repulse" t-shirts back in stock! But there are VERY VERY few left! And some of the smaller sizes, there are even fewer left! All shirts are at a discounted price of only $7.00! Also, we have a brand new "ITCOH" review posted.

11/19/08 - "In The Chapters of Horror" is out NOW! We also have a 2-CD deal with "Thou Shall Repulse" and "In The Chapters of Horror" for only $15.00 (US)!

11/19/08 - We will be playing in Baltimore, Maryland on December 18th, and in Pleasantville, New Jersey on December 19th,. More info on the shows page.

11/19/08 - Metal Realm has just posted their review of "In The Chapters of Horror"! You can read it in the media section. Metal Realm also hosts our message board HERE!

11/8/08 - The Grinder Times has just recently posted their review of "In The Chapters of Horror"! Like usual, you can check it out in the media section!

11/8/08 - There is yet another early review of "In The Chapters of Horror" in the media section!

11/5/08 - We are proud to announce that we have a brand new bassist. Our old bassist had a lack of interest, and wasn't financially stable. Our new bassist, Joe Van Hettiga is a long-time friend and great guy. Wish him luck... He's gonna' need it to tolerate us.

10/30/08 - "In The Chapters of Horror" is now available for pre-order on the merch page!

10/23/08 - "The Buzz Is Back" is now available for download! We've also added "Madness and Bodybags" from "Thou Shall Repulse", as well!

10/21/08 - We have an early "In The Chapters of Horror" review up on the "media" page! This is the very first "ITCOH" review. Check it out, you fucks!

10/21/08 - We added a brand new song from our EP "In The Chapters of Horror" to our Myspace entitled "The Buzz Is Back"! You can listen to it HERE!

10/12/08 - A new "Thou Shall Repulse" review has just been added. Kinda' late, but fuck it.

10/2/08 - First and foremost, I would like to thank all the fuckheads who eagerly tried to get "ITCOH" released! I really can't thank all of you enough for the support. But unfortunately, it didn't make matters better with Kitchen Vomit Records. They're apparently more concerned about the cash they'd be investing (what about our cash?). But Im not posting this to "bash" or "point fingers".

The main reason I am posting this is to inform all of you that... "In The Chapters of Horror" IS going to be released in November! It'll most likely be released a little later on. But in November, nonetheless!

We're officially off of Kitchen Vomit, and are currently with a small label outside of Philly called HPGD Productions (Horror Pain Gore Death). We've known Mike of HPGD for quite a while now, and I think things are going to work out a lot better with HPGD!

So once again, we thank all of you for helping us out! But right now, I have to update quite a few things so... Fuck off!

9/25/08 - We have a brand new Halloween show booked! Check out the shows page for more info!

9/24/08 - Brand new "In The Chapters of Horror" wallpapers and AIM icon has just been posted in the media section! Add the wallpapers to your desktop, your mother's desktop, or your Myspace! And distract your friends on AIM with the new "ITCOH" icon!

9/20/08 - The cover art for "In The Chapters of Horror" has been posted HERE! And "ITCOH" wallpapers and AIM icons will be available for download! Also, all the lyrics from our previous releases will be posted very soon!

8/23/08 - Studio photos from the "In The Chapters of Horror" recording session are up! Check 'em out, fucksticks.

8/23/08 - Two brand new songs from our "In The Chapters of Horror" EP have just been posted on our Myspace! One original and a cover! Studio photos will be up soon, as well!

7/22/08 - We have just dropped off our August 1st show. The show is not canceled, it's being rescheduled. Though, we are now playing the Filth City Fest in Baltimore, Maryland. More info in the shows section.

7/8/08 - Grind On Webzine just recently conducted an interview with us. You can check it out in the media section.

7/7/08 - A brand new "Thou Shall Repulse" review from Grind On Webzine is now up in the media section.

7/7/08 - One new show has been posted. it's going to be our only show this summer, and will be recorded live, for our EP "In The Chapters of Horror"! So be sure to get your lazy asses out there or... Be fucking lame, and don't show.

5/30/08 - Pictures from our May 19th show at The Tritone are now up. These string of shows have been a blast! We won't be playing any shows for quite a while after this. Just one, for our live recording for our EP due out in December. But thanks to Gary and Bitchslicer (for the booking), Victoria (for the photos), Pat and Swashbuckle (for the booking), Impaled and Gruesome Stuff (for putting up with our nerdom... Well, maybe just Branden's.)!

5/3/08 - New promo photos have just been uploaded... Fabulous Disaster!

4/8/08 - Our final May show has been locked. Check the shows section for me info.

3/14/08 - A brand new t-shirt design is now available for PRE-ORDER! They are expected to come late-April/early-May!

3/12/08 - Another show has been added. With Swashbuckle, Revocation and more. Oh yeah, and Impaled! There's still one or two more shows to be added!

3/4/08 - A new show has just been added to the "shows" section! Click for more details. Also, a few more shows will be added very soon. So keep your eyes peeled!

2/11/08 - Photos from the January 19th show are now up, along with a new review from the Dead Alive Zine, and the flyer section has been updated. Go, fuckers...

11/15/07 - Our interview with Revolution Promotions has now been posted in the interview section!

12/12/07 - Check out our new video of 2/3's of us performing one of our new songs off of our split with Cardiac Arrest entitled "Double Dose of Death"! The song is called "Subway Savages"! NOTE: There is no bass, nor vocals (rough version). Check it our HERE!

12/3/07 - Photos from The Meatlocker show are now up!

11/9/07 - A "Thou Shall Repulse" review by Unbound Webzine has been added in the media section!

11/6/07 - A brand new interview with from Unbound Webzine with Branden has been posted in the media section.

10/29/07 - Photos from the not-quite-Halloween show are posted. Note: Not for the squeamish.

09/28/07 - Brand new Ex Dementia AIM buddy icons available for download in the media/downloads section!

09/5/07 - I've just added "Thou Shall Repulse" wallpapers in the media/downloads section! Piss your parents off with a worm-ridden zombie desktop!

07/21/07 - Photos from Goregon Massacre Fest II are now up!

06/27/07 - A brand new review from Dr. Abner Mality of The Wormwood Chronicles has just been posted in the media section!

06/16/07 - Photos from the Khyber show with Regurgitate are up!

06/1/07 - New interview from Ancient Ceremonies in the media section!

05/24/07 - Photos from our mini-mini-mini-"tour" with Cardiac Arrest are up!

04/3/07 - T-shirts are now available! New design done by Jeff Zornow!

03/30/07 - Some new shows have been added in the shows section..

03/16/07 - Thanks to the Metal Realm, the 3rd "Thou Shall Repulse" review has just been posted. Head on over to the media section!

03/16/07 - Another review has been added in the media section. Thanks to Burning Misery!

03/10/07 - Thanks a lot to the guys in Swashbuckle, Bitchslicer, Re-Animator, and Pattern of Analysis for a fun fucking show! And thanks to George and Joe for putting this fucker on! Live pictures have just been added!!! BLOOD!

03/7/07 - "Thou Shall Repulse" is out now!!! Go to the merch section to order the CD!

03/6/07 - the first review for "Thou Shall Repulse" is up! Thanks to Ron from Stereo Killer! CLICK HERE! And a new interview with Branden has been posted HERE!

03/3/07 - We had a blast with fucking Deceased last night! Thanks to Jess, once again! The pictures are all up!

02/5/07 - The site has just gotten a beautiful make-over! It's so perrr-ty! Bunch of new shit will be added later...

01/31/07 - 3 new shows have been added in the shows section! One with the almighty DECEASED!

01/28/07 - An interview with SNM has just been posted online. Check it out in the "media" section.

12/10/06 - A track from our debut album "Thou Shall Repulse" has been posted online! Hear it HERE! Also, the recording session photos have just been added in the pictures section!

09/27/06 - Our first interview has just been posted online, in the "media" section.

09/01/06 - The Ex Dementia message board is now up! Click here to post, post, post!

08/15/06 - The photos from The Boiler Room show on Wednesday night have just been posted! What a bloody mess this show was...

07/15/06 - A new show has just been added in the shows section.

05/25/06 - Well, The Khyber show on Tuesday night ruled! We'd like to thank Splatterhouse, Machetazo, Graves at Sea, Rue, and that drunk fucker in Rue! The show wouldn't have happened without Jessica... Thanks Jessica! There are pictures from the show in the pictures section. And the flyer archive has been updated. So check that out in the shows section! We're still working on new material for our debut album scheduled to come out in October. And this Sunday, we'll be at Maryland Death Fest, selling merch...

05/12/06 - T-shirts are now available in the merch section! And they're only $10.00, with free S&H. And we should have another review up pretty soon.

05/5/06 - We have just added another show. But the New York show is still in the air. The show is still going on... We're just not sure if we're playing or not. The other show we're playing is in Philly (again), with Pungent Stench! And before we play the shows, Jon and Branden are going to be guests on a college radio station called "The Rhythm of Life", to talk about the shows, the new album coming out, and much more. We'll be on there on May 16th at 5:30 pm. Be sure to tune in! This should be rather interesting...

04/4/06 - Well, our search for a (good) bassist is over! We found... Steve!

03/28/06 - In September/October, we're set to release a brand new EP on Kitchen Vomit Records. The EP will include 3 or 4 brand new songs and 2 from the demo (re-recorded)!

02/3/06 - We have just added two shows! We're playing with two great Razorback bands, Splatterhouse and Machetazo! The venue information will be confirmed very soon!

01/22/06 - Finally! There are songs in the media section for download! To hear the rest of the songs... Buy the EP! It's only $5! And there's no shipping and handling fee!

01/16/06 - The demo is finally recorded, thanks to Miguel at Cape Studios! We're hoping to be getting the EP mixed and mastered in a week or two. Prepare yourself for "An Excursion of Noise and Terror"! There's also new studio pictures up!

12/12/05 - The site is finally up! Unfortunately, we don't have any songs up at the moment. But we are set to record our 4-track EP in January!